Stones - 208

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Rotationally moulded outdoor lamps with a typical organic "stone" shape: absolutely artificial items obtained with an absolutely natural shape. They are derived from the "Stone of Glass" blown glass lamps for interiors which are also manufactured by Oluce.

Technical data

Outside and inside lamp with direct and diffused light, in white polyethylene.
1 x max 25W - E27
↑ 20 cm → 42x30 cm
↑ 7,9" → 16,5"x11,8"
Structure color
: white
: polyetylene
Diffuser/Reflector color
: white
Year production: 2002

Design by Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli

Marta Laudani (Verona, 1954) and Marco Romanelli (Trieste, 1958) have been working together since 1986. They have done design work for Arflex, Cleto Munari, Fontana Arte and Up&uUp, and are currently working for Bosa, Driade, Ferlea, Lema, Montina, Oluce, Seccocose and View. Among their works we should recall the following: in 1997 the monographic work on "Gio Ponti" for the Furniture Show and for the Association Jacqueline Vodoz et Bruno Danese, many exhibitions including "Dichiarazione d'Interni" (1994), "Oggetto Ambiente" (1994), "Paradigmaticità delle Arti Decorative" (1995) and "Intorno alla Fotografia" (1998). Together they wrote "Gli Spazi Del Cucinare", Electa, 1989 and "Design Nord-Est", Abitare Segesta, 1997. Their many exhibitions include their personal exhibition at the Museo Internazionale della Ceramica in Laveno in 1998. Independently, at their studios in Rome and Milan, they are involved in interior design (their creations have been published in leading international magazines). At the moment they are working on the re-organization of the Museo della Civiltà Romana in the EUR district of Rome on behalf of Fiat Engineering.
Marco Romanelli has been the Art Director of Oluce since 1995 and of Montina since 1996. From 1994 to 1997 he was a consultant of Driade for the Atlantide collection. He was a member of the editorial staff of Rivista Domus from 1986 to 1994 and has been on the editorial staff of Abitare since 1995. In 2000 he organised the third "Aperto Vetro" section of the Venice Biennial Exhibition.

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