Ela - 308

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The objects we put in our gardens should have a natural feel but since they are created by man they can also be geometrical and technological: this is the idea that led to the creation of "Ela". It is a restrained, wooden element to install in our gardens that conserves the warmth and grain of rare Accoya wood yet has its own, latest generation LED light source.

Technical data

Outdoor lamp giving LED direct light. Structure in outdoor Accoya wood. Anodised aluminium internal reflector.
1 x max 8W (LED)
↑ 50 cm ∅ 9X9 cm
↑ 19,7" ∅ 3,55"X3,55"
: metal
Structure color
: zinc plated
: Accoya wood
Diffuser/Reflector color: 
natural wood
 Year production: 2011

Design by Lutz Pankow

Lutz Pankow was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1968, grew up in South America and lives now in Hamburg/Germany. He studied engineering and product design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saarbruecken/Germany, he completed the Design degree in 1995.
From 1995 to 1996 he had a scholarship at DesignLabor Bremerhaven, where he worked on various projects with François Burkhardt, Alberto Meda and Roger Tallon.
Since 1996 he works as designer, offering industrial, interior and exhibition design services and won several international Designawards. In the same year he began teaching product design students at HBK Saar.
In 2005 he started teaching design at the School of Fine Arts in Hamburg. His Design Studio is located since 2006 in Hamburg.
In 2009 he began working with Oluce with a project of a table lamp "Lutz".

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