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Design by Dante Donegani, Giovanni Lauda

This lamp was designed to diffuse both chromatic light and room fragrances. Light and fragrance - two intangible decorative elements - reate a new relationship between our environment and state of mind. Fragrances positively affect our mood and chromatic light changes our rerception of reality and, in so doing, alters our emotional perception of the space in which we find ourselves. Sometimes energising, sometimes relaxing; for reflection or as background in our home or office, Eolo enhances our wellbeing no matter where it is placed, by 'blowing' the aroma of your choice - citrus, spice etc - into the environment through a small fan. It's cuboid body is cut into fine strips to form a face gently blowing scent into space and its RGB LED light, creates the perfect colour to suit your mood. What's more, Eolo's remote control allows you to choose your colour, light intensity and fragrance even from a distance. Aromas are supplied in solid so that they can be released into the environment through simple ventilation without smoke or solvents. These aromas create an olfactory map from which to choose your fragrance. You can base this either on personal taste, or the function of the space in which it is to be used.

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